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binary clock



-) improved autosave-mechanism


-) fixed that bug with auto-save that loads the clock in the foreground automatically
-) no more Common-Dialog-Runtimes needed. (I hope)
-) fixed a few bugs with background-preview
-) selects drive and directory from the last background-path
-) possibility to change text color
-) better notification system when insert a invalid number in the color-fields
-) fixed bug with selected wallpaper and canceling


-)small language fix


-) !!support for own background-images!!
-) fixed bug with time-synchronisation


-) real 12-hour-support (but without AM-PM: Not enough space :-()
-) tryed to add synchronisation support
-) fixed bugs with a monitor resolution lower than 1280*1024



-) deleted 2 forms: move window (small) and move window (mini)
-) easier positioning
-) set new position per drag&drop (thanks to vb-paradise|User:Agent)
-) fixed all bugs with positioning (position wasn't saved in mini mode)
-) added checkbox for title bar in large mode (you can run without a title bar)
-) optimized source
-) optimized program size (8 KB less space)
-) new layout in options form
-) added red close-button in large mode
-) exit button in large mode is only visible when title bar is turned off
-) changed sourceforge link from the project site to the website
-) updated comments in configuration.ini
-) updated link in file properties from the sourceforge project home to the web site
-) fixed support for USA (am-pm) - nobody told me, that the clock doesn't run there. :-(
-) colored OK and Cancel-Button in options



-) --> added Mini-Mode <--
-) --> added Move-Window-Form for Mini-Mode <--
-) fixed various bugs with window moving
-) added homepage to file-properties


improved english language support (thanks to halmi)
change: after set new position in move window the small mode is checked
easteregg (only german)
improved options field (with frames)
other caption of the clock in large mode possible


complete new color management
colors are saved as RGB
colors can be configurated manually
about and link to sourceforge added
combinated positionen.ini and configuration.ini to configuration.ini
added support for older versions [please only delete positionen.ini manually]
!added english language!
automatic language switch
dynamic version info added
added comments to configuration.ini
fixed various bugs


added 2 colors: yellow and blue
changed configuration location to app.path
added icons for the application, the options and the move-window
options are now in the middle of the screen
optimized code
added colors in options window


Added button for move the small mode
Fixed bug with no close possible in small mode
Changed title in options


added options menu
now it's possble to change LEDs color between green and orange
various bugs fixed
changed switch between small and large mod (now in options menu)
splitted commands for file-writing in an extra sub-routine
options are saved splitted (Positions in "position.ini", other options in "configuration.ini")


various bugs fixed


added "Remember-Position-File" (potition.ini)
various bugs fixed


optimized source. Now source is splitted in two forms and one modul with gives the binary data


new graphical interface
added small mode